• Single tire blowout

    These tires are all available in singles only.  Please do not purchase 4 as I will not be able to fill the order and refund all your money. Make / Model Size Price BFG Gforce Sport 225/40ZR18 $126.00 [wp_cart:BFG22540R18GFSPT:price:126.00:end] BFG...

  • Elderado ZTR Sport 285/75r16

    Computer Generated Tread Design For Superior All Terrain Performance Extensive, Full Depth Siping And Wide Grooves For Superior Water Dispersion Variable Tread Element Position For A Quiet Smooth Ride Tread Engineered To Deliver Exceptional Traction And Improved Treadwear Excellent Performance...

Blem Tires - What is an Economy Friendly Tire??

Economy Friendly Tires for sale are all listed.  There are five classes of tires we sell and they are all a great way to save money on a great quality product. These products...

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Economy Friendly Tires: Catagories

  • Visual Cosmetic Blem Tires

    A blem or blemished tire is a tire that the manufacturer has deemed “not perfect”. Usually the imperfection is in appearance only and in no way makes the tire dangerous or unsafe. If a tire was unsafe because of a blem, the tire would be destroyed to avoid liability problems down the road.

    Since the blemished tire can not be sold as a first line tire, the price has been discounted for compensation. We buy these tires and pass the discount along to you! …See all of our Visual Cosmetic Blem Tires

  • Overstock Tires

    Overstock is everyone’s term for “we ordered too many and now we can’t sell them!” There is nothing wrong with these tires – other than the fact they haven’t sold quickly enough for a tire dealer. When this happens the dealer with the overstocks will sell these tires at a discount to other dealers, like us. Usually pricing on overstocks will be as low or lower than a blem tire. The only problem is that you never know when manufactures and dealers are going to decide to move the overstocked tires (often it happens right before the fiscal year ends). We are always looking for overstocks to buy so that we can pass the discount along to you! …See all of our Overstock Tires

  • Take Off Tires

    Takeoff TiresTake Off tires, also known as “change over” or “great tread” tires, are tires that have been mounted on a rim and for various reasons, have been “taken off” and discounted in price. These tires are just as safe as a new tire, have nearly all the tread left, but cost much less then a new tire.

    Where do Take Off tires come from? Sometimes when people buy a new car they don’t like the tires that it comes with, so they have the car dealer put different tires on the new car. The dealer then has no use for the “take-off” tires and are unable to sell the original tires as new even though they have not been used very much. We buy these “take-off” tires and pass the discount on to you. …See all of our Take Off Tires

  • Used Tires

    Used Tires

    Used tires offer a great way for someone to purchase a tire that still has some remaining life at a great price. Used tires come into us in many different ways but some include; Trade in on a new set of tires, Removal of a tire before a car is traded in, and when damage to one tire in a set still leaves three tires that are in usable condition .

    When I hear the phrase “used tires,” I always think of affordable alternatives to new tires. I never think “scrap tires,” which, by their very description, are unusable. …See all of our Used Tires

  • Recycled Tires

    recycled tiresA retread, or “recap,” “remould” is a previously-worn tire which has gone through a re-manufacturing process designed to extend its useful service life.

    Retreading starts with a safety inspection of the tire. The old tread is then buffed away, and a new rubber tread is applied to the bare “casing” using specialized machinery.

    …See all of our Recycled Tires

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